Application and PGR Tracking

Minimalistic tool for tracking fertilizers and sprays utilizing the GDD model


Plant Growth Regulator and Application Tracking is vital to plant and turf health year round. Timing is critical with PGR applications to prevent the rebound growth effects.
Through tracking Growing Degree Days you are able to predict, with accuracy, the exact application interval needed to apply your PGR.
This application tracks Growing Degree Days with your PGR applications, as well as timed application such as Fertilizers, Fungicides, Insecticides, so you don't have to!
Whether you're a home gamer just trying to make your plants and turf awesome or are a serious agronomist, you can benefit from this tool.

Built out of Necessity

I was using another tool that was free for homeowners, that specific tool became a paid tool right in the middle of a bunch of my applications. Yes, right in the middle of a PGR app!
While I don't mind paying for tools that help me do a job, the monthly outflow was just too high for me to justify. With a background in IT and a passion for grass this tool was born.
I hope this tool helps the local lawn care professional and homeowner save some time and money on making their sites and homes green and upkept!

What does this tool provide?

  • PGR Application Tracking for warm and cool season turfgrass
  • Ability to track timed chemical and granular applications
  • Direct ties to your coordinates for your sites and locations for accuracy
  • Removal of guesswork and having to manually calculate GDD
  • View, Modify and Delete applications as needed
  • Clean, Modern and Mobile Friendly views

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